Agile Project Management

In 1970 Winstone W. Royce explained the Waterfall design methodology at the IEEE Westcom. Even if he stated that this methodology was not suitable for software development projects, it was adopted by DARPA agency in late 1985.

Waterfall limits came up immediately and in a poll based on 28.000 software design projects, published on Computer Weekly the 9th july of 1998, was shown that only 26% of the software design projects polled were successful

In 2001, 17 leading professionals gathered at a ski resort in Utah to discuss together the future of the software world, tired of seeing a growing percentage of software projects shattering on the rocks at the end of the cascade or remained stuck in endless cycles.

That meeting became the father of a deep and clear reflection: the method applied to software engineering doesn’t work because software development is a creative activity, requires the contribution of knowledge workers and operators , with a strong craftsmanship and human interaction component.

This simple (a posteriori!) Revelation led to the writing of the Agile Manifesto.

The success of the Agile Manifesto is confirmed to all. Fata Informatica believes strongly in agile development and in customer collaboration rather than in negotiation . For this reason we support the agile movement and boasts among our technical staff multiple certificates on these methodologies.

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