Success Story

Listed below are our most significant software development projects


SentiNet3 is a unified proactive monitoring appliance that helps IT engineer to get their IT infrastructures under complete control. SentiNet3 can monitor Hosts, Services, Network Devices, Network and Environmental parameters, and alert IT engineer when something goes wrong through SMS or Email.

This enhanced system can do automatic actions to solve problems when arise. È un sistema in grado di Agire automaticamente al verificarsi del problema per riuscire a risolverlo. Visit



Web application enabling communications between Italian Foreign Affair Minister and Embassy settled around the world. Developed on Windows platform has been ported on Unix/Apache architecture.

ERP Contractors

Customization of ErpWare to meet Foreign Affair Minister needs.

This module manages working life of contract employees hired by Foreign Affair Minister.

The application manages contracts with Italian law and local law, calculate salaries, prepare the tax forms, handles disciplinary measures, management tests exams, managing payments and funding management at headquarters. 

This project found a strong interest in other areas of the P.A.



DocPilot, a browser server solution for managing document workflow and electronic document protocol.MS Exchange server based application fully integrated with di MS Windows / Active Directory.

Toto 2000

The project was developed in Microsoft technology for the leading italian company in Betting Services. The application handles the wagers coming from betting agencies located throughout the country and provides real time information on the performance of the bettors races through a real time visualization system.e.

G8 Portal

Portale G8

Video streaming portal developed for G8, allowed journalist delegations from all over the world to follow the entire summit.

The portal has encountered a great success because of the sophisticated technology used and the quality 'of the service provided during the event.

Digital Trainer


Digital Trainer is a modern e-Learning platform that allows both synchronous and asynchronous communication between teacher and learner. It allows you to create virtual classrooms, manage calendars courses both traditional training, training in e-Learning and blended learning. Fully compatible with SCORM standard contains also, chat, forums, newsgroups and a centralized communications management to learners.



ERPWARE, integrated management system, cut to specific customer needs with the aim to develop centrally all business processes.

ERPWARE born to the needs of big Company and Public Central Administrations, includes modules activities management, personal information management (customers and suppliers), billing management, payroll and pay suppliers, contract management / orders, document management, activities analysis, customer relationship management module.

Visit the website for more information



Multimedia courses on the following topics:

  • European Computer Driving License
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Visual Basic.Net programming
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