System Integration

You can't improvise being a System Integrator! System Integration is a real science that needs to be applied deep engineer and development skills.

Nowadays this is a overused or inappropriately used word in a moltitude of contexts.

Being System Integrator means to be able to let the most incompatible and hetereogeneous work togheter.

In our 20 years of activity we deal with System Integration everyday and we created a great number of commercial systems as well as SentiNet3DocPilot or DigitalTrainer.

Our customers appreciates every day for our ability.

Digital Institute is a Fata Informatica's brand born to identify its high professional managing and delivering training courses business unit.

Training courses and Certification exams on:┬áOracle,┬áMicrosof,┬áLPI,┬áCisco, etcÔǪ Visit us at┬á

SentiNet3 is the first Italian Unified Proactive Monitoring device used by the most important italian administrations.

Visit us at to have a look at our success story.


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